HFG 24

HFG 24 - Short Film 2013

HFG 24 is a stereoscopic Short Film by Horst von Bolla.

HFG 24 claims to be the first stereoscopic tele shopping channel and has the most marvellous kinds of products exclusively for you:

Lovely hand crafted terracotta ghost figures! They are beautiful with candles inside for any occasion.


After a blast of a premiere at the next best 3D festival the movie was released exclusively on stereoscopic VHS!!!

There should be a few rotten tapes lurking around somewhere in the darker corners of the shop!

Written, directed, produced by: Horst von Bolla

Co- directed, edited, post production by: Valle D├Âring

Hugo von Trost: Raphael Treite

Petra Blumennau: Diana Hoffmann

Set, Costume: Kirsten Cluive

Music: Walls and Birds

3D animation, composing: Oli Jelko